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Delivering valuation products with a focus on speed, quality, and customer service.

We're reimagining valuations through innovation,
precision, and collaborative partnerships.

Nationwide Coverage

We operate nationally, coast to coast and are continually adding new markets.  Our appraisers are local, providing first hand market knowledge and experience. 

Same-Day Appraisals

Our same-day appraisal services guarantee swift and efficient valuation of your assets, ensuring prompt decision-making and peace of mind. With our quick turnaround time, you can rely on accurate appraisals delivered within hours, not days.

Full Customer Experience Service

Our full customer experience service encompasses every aspect of client interaction, from initial contact to post-purchase support. With a focus on seamless satisfaction, we prioritize every touchpoint to ensure a holistic and exceptional experience for every customer.

Data Acceleration

We prioritize data acceleration in our service offering, which optimizes processing and transfer, reducing latency and improving performance. Streamlined workflows to enhance throughput, empowering our businesses with greater efficiency and responsiveness.

Accurity Values


We provide ​

unparalleled service​


We communicate compassionately​


We iterate intentionally and measure relentlessly​


Our teams succeed through individual excellence​


We approach challenges as opportunities​

Canadian Leadership Team

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